Intuitive Tattoo

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Intuitive tattoos are tattoos that are channelled into this physical realm with deep intention, and done in a ceremonial way. These tattoos are done by multiple artists within our studio, each done in their own unique way. They can be both hand-poked & machine tattooed & come to you to act as a sacred marking, representing a time of transformation or initiation into a higher expression of you, to align you with your souls true essence and assist you in your own personal evolution.

Our evolutionary process is so unique to eachother, and this is why these sessions are never the same, always changing and evolving to suit our clients own unique expression, and where they are at in their current time.


Once the design is complete- it is intentionally activated, weaved with the intentions that come through, as well as any intentions the client wishes to call in. We call in various elements, & the presence of a divine entourage of benevolent energies & light codes to hold & guide us through the journey & remain within the marking so long as it exists.
Depedning on your artist, some sessions will contain vibrational essences, liquid crystals, & the use of ink that is vibrationally charged & aligned with certain energies- all weaving together to create a high vibrational marking that continues to work with each individual's unique energy signature.
All of our tools are treated as sentient energies, continuously cleansed & charged to ensure each session is opened with only the purest energies & intentions. This is an alchemical process- this process is sacred.


If you are booking in or receiving an intuitive tattoo, It is important for you to consider your own intentions you want to bring into the session. Think about where you would like to align towards, things you want to let go of and heal from, and things you want to harness and call forth.

Each artist will offer their ceremony in their own unique way, and we do not advertise our entire process as it is a sacred journey between client & artist. Often, we will begin the ceremony setting intentions and we can offer you paper to begin the session with writing out these intentions. We will bring this energy into the session- infusing your own medicine and the medicine from Spirit into the tattoo.

Honouring the Integration☥

These tattoos aren’t like getting regular tattoos, and you will experience what is called an integration process. This process begins the moment you make the decision to receive the tattoo right through to when you are receiving the tattoo, and can often amplify and heighten right after you have received the tattoo. Just like all medicine ceremonies, preparing energetically & physically for both before & after you receive your tattoo medicine is vital for a more easeful integration.

It is because of this that I strongly recommend that you make the space to integrate after your tattoo. That means not planning any events and giving yourself some space in the afternoon, evening and the following days after the tattoo, to go slow, take some time for yourself and be fully present in your process, truly witnessing what may be arising for you and moving through you as a result of your session.

This is a vital time for self reflection and honouring your self and your process of healing.

Through your integration process I am available for connection through phone calls or emails to check in with you and assist you with anything that may be coming up for you. This is my promise to you.

Prior to your tattoo, you must eat well, refrain from alcohol, substances or anything that may hinder your full presense. Do not get sunburnt, take extra care of your skin & body, & sit to do some journaling or your own intention setting.


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