Studied the Sacred Healing Art from Rachel, Ana is a ceremonial tattoo artist who seamlessly combines her intuitive artistic talents with her innate healing sensibilities, providing tattoos as a form of medicine for both the physical body and the soul.

She has recently joined Chrysalis, offering both machine and hand-poked tattooing. Ana draws her inspiration from the distinct energies, intentions, and personal narratives of each person she works with. Intertwining her capacity to weave beauty into her creations with guidance drawn from the elements and her inner wisdom. Additionally, she endeavours to unveil the divine energies of god or goddess inherent in each individual, supporting it to radiate internally and outwardly.

Ana’s style of work is often perceived as cosmic tribal art, which elicits a deep remembrance of our ancestral lineage. Symmetrical markings that flows and complement the body is her signature style. This symmetry calls in and honours the divine balance between the feminine and masculine within each of us.

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Intuitive markings

Ana's unique process of intuitive tattooing begins with freehand drawing based on individual's body curves and energies. This step helps to create larger size markings which complements the body curves as a mean to honour the natural flow of the body temple. Usually these are done by machine to achieve more intricate and larger pieces.

Based on intentions, marking designs are channeled to assist with letting go and calling in the new, remembrance, and a talisman as you journey through your souls paths.

Handpoked Markings

Hand-poked tatooing is how Ana started her journey of tattooing, dot by dot, delicately. Now she continues to offer this timeless artistry, weaving in the tradition and gentle beauty into her ceremonial offering.

Hand-poked tattoos generally take more time and the pieces might be smaller in size comparing to the ones done by machine. However hand-poked tattoos hold greater energetic power as more energy has been put in to the crafting.

Men's Warrior Markings

A men's warrior tattoo embodies strength, resilience, and courage. It symbolises the warrior within, ready to face life's challenges head-on. Inspired by ancient warriors mixed with cosmic tribal style, this represents a fierce spirit and unwavering determination. Adorned elements of armor, a warrior tattoo showcases balanced masculinity and a readiness to conquer whatever may come.

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