Rachel is an intuitive tattoo artist, energy worker and owner of Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy which lies in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

At Chrysalis, we know that the environment you are tattooed matters.
We understand tattoos are sacred & can take us on a very deep & personal journey that is unique to you. We open our doors for you to be your authentic self, to sit, receive, express & be heard as you take a moment to honour your journey & your body through marking your skin.

Tattooing has always been sacred, & our artists are here to help you remember this.
There is no vision or intention that we don’t get excited to bring to life for our clients.

Each of our artists practice in their own unique way, bringing their own sacredness to their tattooing practice, through intuitive tattoos, tattoo ceremony or a simple, yet powerful tattoo ritual, we strive to ensure all of our clients needs are met & they have a gentle & nurturing tattoo experience, because each tattoo anyone ever receives becomes a memory they never forget.

Some of our artists offer more than just tattoos, which is why we offer private rooms for an intimate tattoo or healing experience. You can find more of our artists offerings via the link, but make sure you’re following our Instagram to keep notified for upcoming workshops, events & special guest artists.

Nestled in the Blackall Ranges of Queensland's Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Maleny holds some of the most breathtaking views of the coast along with some amazingly unique places to visit and experience.