Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Your tattoo will be covered after it is completed, in ONE of the two methods below. Please follow:


If covered with second skin - please leave your cover on for 3-7 days, with a minimum of 24 hours. 

Your tattoo will benefit greatly if kept on for the 3-7 day mark, but no longer than 7 days.

I recommend to wait the whole week, as this enables maximum healing benefits and your tattoo will almost be healed by the time you remove it.

This form of healing is called the “wet healing method”.

The blood plasma that forms under the second skin will dry up in a couple of days. which is beneficial for the healing so please do not stress when this happens. The first night, it can sometimes be quite gooey underneath, this is normal, so try not to press on it. 

If the blood plasma becomes too thick or gooey, it is okay to push out if second skin allows. Please do so with caution and use clean paper towel.

For large scale or bold/colour work that may weep a lot, you will be provided a SECOND WRAP to put on after the 24 hours.

When doing this, please remove your film SLOWLY, wash the area and allow to dry completely before placing your second wrap. Please ensure your tattoo is not uncovered for any longer than an hour when changing wraps.

When removing the film, please lift sideways from the skin and peel off SLOWLY. If it feels hard to pull off, you may do it in the shower, please AVOID soap during this process, as this can cause the adhesive to get stuck on the skin.

Once removed, wash the tattooed area gently with fragrance free natural soap, then gently pat dry the area and leave to dry completely before applying a thin layer of your chosen aftercare balm. (IF ADHESIVE GETS STUCK ON ANY PART OF THE TATTOO, DON’T TRY TO RUB OFF, IT WILL FALL OFF IN A DAY OR SO).

DO NOT sweat or exercise vigorously whilst your second skin is on, this may bring unwanted bacteria & will also make your second skin start to come off.

When your second skin is off, do not swim or immerse into hot water for 2 weeks from your appointment date.



To clean your tattoo:

Leave your wrap on for 2- 3 hours, no longer, & NO LESS than 2.

Once home, remove cover and wash the tattoo with soap (fragrance-free) and warm water. PAT DRY with a CLEAN TOWEL.

Leave the tattoo to dry completely for at least an hour after washing. It is important that the tattoo has completely dried before applying aftercare cream/ balm. 

BE MINDFUL of the environment your new tattoo is in. Keep away from pets, bacteria, dusty environments, food covered toddler hands etc. If it comes into contact with anything like this, just wash your tattoo with soap and repeat above instructions.



We supply aftercare in store, & your artist will go through options. If we have sold out, please source the recommended aftercare from your local health shop. 

We recommended a Shea butter based tattoo aftercare (which is often for sale in the studio).

It is NOT recommended that you use paw paw ointment or Bepanthen. Many of these ointments contain fragrances, and paw paw tends to be a little too thick and is prone to causing blocked pores which can lead to scabbing. Bepanthen contains toxins that don’t actually benefit your new tattoo at all.

If you have purchased aftercare and need more, you may come into the studio to buy some, just notify us so we can arrange a time that suits.


If your piece is large or anywhere on your body that you sleep on, it's recommended you wrap your tattoo before going to bed only for the first night so it doesn't stick to sheets or clothing. 

Clean tattoo first, then wrap.

In the morning remove the cling wrap, your new tattoo will leak ink and plasma overnight which is normal. Wash the tattoo following the cleaning instructions above.


It is recommended if you work in a dusty or dirty environment that you wear clothing that will cover your tattoo. Avoid tight clothing or footwear that will rub on to your tattoo.

Follow cleaning and aftercare instructions only TWICE a day morning and evening.

We recommend following this for 1-2 weeks at least, and when it gets to the dry and itchy stage, you may apply a little more aftercare but other than that, only a small amount to make it slightly moist is enough, but don’t go overboard. The dryer it is in the beginning the better. 

Do not pick and scratch your tattoo during the healing process, this will lead to ink drop outs and possible scarring. Tattoos may flake and peel like sunburn, this is normal and you should allow this to happen naturally, applying more aftercare if necessary to stop the itching. Slapping the tattoo also works to ease the itch.

If you feel your tattoo needs a touch up, please let us know within a month of healing. If you have any questions or injuries please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

If you have any fun healed photos, always feel free to send them through, we love seeing our clients get creative. 

With love,

Rachel and the Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy team