Welcome to the Chrysalis.

An intentional, safe, all-inclusive space for all bodies to come & be transformed.
Nestled up in the lush green mountains of Maleny on sacred Jinibara & Gubby Gubby Country (Sunshine Coast Hinterlands), our cute little cottage hosts 3 spacious tattoo rooms, with two ceremonial rooms.

Chrysalis isn’t your regular tattoo studio, she is a tranquil & peaceful space for you to journey with our artists.

At Chrysalis, we know that the environment you are tattooed matters.
We understand tattoos are sacred & can take us on a very deep & personal journey that is unique to you. We open our doors for you to be your authentic self, to sit, receive, express & be heard as you take a moment to honour your journey & your body through marking your skin.

Tattooing has always been sacred, & our artists are here to help you remember this.
There is no vision or intention that we don’t get excited to bring to life for our clients, we can't wait to hear your ideas and visions!

Our Artists

Each of our artists are open to bringing through any vision of yours to life, each having their own unique style & tattoo medicine to offer. If you’re not sure which artist would be best to bring your vision & ideas to life, fill out an application with your ideas & we can direct you to the perfect artist for you.

guest artists

Each month we hold space & welcome guest artists from all over the country~ enquire below if you'd love to be added to our upcoming list of guest artists!

Our Offerings

Intuitive Tattoo Ceremonies

Intuitive tattoos are tattoos that are channelled into this physical realm with deep intention, and done in a ceremonial way.

Distant Offerings

These sessions are for people who would like to work with me but haven’t yet had the opportunity or live in a different area/ country, or those wanting distant energy work/ healing sessions with intuitive guidance.

Unique Tattoo sessions

These are great for those who know what they want and where they want it. These tattoos are always 100% unique and custom designed.

Ajna Light™ Therapy Sessions

The Ajna Light is an advanced light therapy system that can alter your brain waves through brainwave entrainment to explore expanded states of consciousness.

The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals (TLC) are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance.

Sacred Arts Courses

In 2021 School of the Sacred Arts was born as an umbrella to share and teach by incorporating healing energy with Sacred Tattooing. This creates a vision centered around the sacred energy of art.








Tattoos are a bold form of expression. Oftentimes, they can help their wearer reveal stories and characteristics about themselves that are meaningful, but might not otherwise be obvious. In this way, tattoos are personally significant.

As we are all conscious of the planet we have dedicated our studio and all of our compounds to be plant based: the ink itself, all equipment in the tattoo studio (from stencil to chairs) and the after care products (such as soap and moisturisers). 

Booking Process

To book with a particular artist be sure to navigate to their individual page and fill in the attached form. To be intuitively placed with an artist that suits the style of your piece please click the link below.

Follow our vision

At Chrysalis we honour & pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the land in which we are upon, the Jinibara & Gubbi Gubbi People. We honour all elders past, present & emerging~ thank you.

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