Rachel is a ceremonial tattoo artist offering intuitively channelled tattoos or custom designs of your choice. Rachel works in a broad way combining energy work & other healing modalities into a deeply sacred tattoo ritual that is unique to every person & their unique intentions and energy signature. Rachel’s style ranges from ornamental, delicate botanical & illustrative, often with guidance from the plant & animal kingdom. She is open to exploring other realms of tattoo styles more deeply that include bold ornamental & blackwork, and has recently brought to life her new offerings “Mother Marking” which you can read more about on the website. Rachel began her tattooing journey in 2012 & has been offering intuitive tattoos for over 7 years, with her practice always evolving with her & her style.

Her style is unique to her soul, an expression that shines throughout her work as an artist. Each piece is carefully chanelled, curated and tattooed onto the skin with unique intention to the wearer.

Right now, the Australian waitlist for these sessions are CLOSED but the overseas waitlist is still OPEN which you can find below. Those who have applied for the waitlist are the first in line for these applications, sign up to our mailing list so you can be notified of any last minute spaces, travel dates & updates on these ceremonies.

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Intuitive Tattoos

These markings are soul talismans, anchored here to act as a symbol in which you will wear to represent what you are journeying through & what is to come.

Our evolutionary process is so unique to eachother, and this is why these sessions are never the same, always changing and evolving to suit my clients own unique expression, and where they are at in their current time.

They are here to help you remember, embody, & let go.

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