What to expect in an Intuitive Tattoo Ceremony?

What to expect in an Intuitive Tattoo Ceremony?

Intuitive tattoos are tattoos that are channelled into this physical realm with deep intention, and done in a ceremonial way. These tattoos are both hand-poked & machine tattoos & come to you to act as a sacred marking, representing a time of transformation or initiation into a higher expression of you, to align you with your souls true essence and assist you in your own personal evolution.

Our evolutionary process is so unique to each other, and this is why these sessions are never the same, always changing and evolving to suit my clients own unique expression, and where they are at in their current time.

These markings are soul talismans, anchored here to act as a symbol in which you will wear to represent what you are journeying through & what is to come.

They are here to help you remember, embody, & let go.

These markings come as activations, light encoded and activated with intentions to assist each client on their spiritual journey and evolution- often with a few messages that come through and with a written energy reading/ scroll that coincides with the medicine & symbolism within the piece and the messages they hold, guiding my client through downloading each element of the piece and why it is here for them.


Once the design is channelled, I fine tune and add anything the client may wish to add, not always necessary, but I do want you to know that this is an option. Sometimes my client won’t be aware of where they want the tattoo, so I allow intuitive guidance to guide me towards where the tattoo may go, based on certain energy channels, meridians and what the tattoo is being called to do. Often, my client will decide where the tattoo will go only once they have seen the piece, and often it is the tattoo that chooses where it needs to go. You can never get it wrong. Each area of the body holds certain metaphysics & energy & this is all discussed in the session.

Where the tattoo is placed is important, as this also affects the integration process and the healing of the tattoo. Tattoos act as healing portals and will accelerate the healing of the area and energy channel it is placed on within the body. The body holds so much information & where the tattoo goes affects so much metaphysically. I will guide you more deeply to understanding this and working with this after you have received your piece.