Mother Marking Post Partum Ceremony

Mother Marking Post Partum Ceremony

This is up to YOU if you feel ready for this~

During pregnancy & birth our physical & energetic bodies open WIDE to allow spirit to move & birth through us~ we, as women & birthers enter other realms in order to bring these souls through, to birth, cradle, open~ & our bodies take so long to recover from this both energetically & physically. Postpartum is forever & the initiation integrates forever, so there is no timeline for when you should be ready to close/seal this energy.

The vibrational expansion a mama goes through during pregnancy, then birth is huge! Her aura opens wide, allowing her heart to expand, energetically & cosmically connected to the higher realms as she brings her baby earthside~ this expansion & openness remains long after birth,  her heart opened wide as the oxytocin flows in at a rapid pace, & her intuition is fine tuned & heightened to grow, nurture, birth & mother her baby, telepathically connected & in tune with one another.

Closing this energy is not to close this connection to her baby, but to act as a passage to honour her journey through this initiation, to seal & protect her aura, centering her & grounding all the energies she has integrated ~ it is a welcoming home to herself, her body & her womb.

After it all we will do a short photoshoot in the space to crystallise this moment, honouring your vessel, your initiation & your new marking. We can do with clothing or minimal clothing if you’d like to witness your glorious raw postpartum form. Your child can be included in some if it’s an option. Breastfeeding / snuggling~ or swimming solo in flowers. (Bring a spare change of clothes for photos, sometimes ink gets messy)

These photos are for you, no one else, so up to you if you share them.

Please allow all day for your session to unfold & be mindful of making space for deep integration in the days that follow. I will continue to support you throughout your process of integration.