Distant Sessions

Distant Sessions

The sessions will involve an energy work session to clear any energetic/ physical/ emotional/ spiritual blockages, strengthen energy centres and work through anything else that arises. Please read onto the last chapter for more info on the energy work sessions. My energy work sessions often involve energetic activations and can be the perfect medicine to bring clarity and alignment to your purpose, paving a clearer pathway and install trust in your guidance. They can help strengthen your channels to access wisdom and guidance and help you see through your own limiting beliefs and blocks.


It is within the energy work process that I bring through the symbolism, medicine and guidance that your design will hold.

Once we have finished the channelling process and energy work, your tattoo / artwork will then get designed, activated and we will call in the intentions for your piece to act as a sacred talisman for your souls evolution and deeper alignment with your souls highest expression.

You also have the power and freedom to call in your own intentions and medicine as well, which I always recommend. We work together.

At the end you will receive your design and a written reading coinciding with the piece and all that it is here for, for you.

Even though you may not have it tattooed on you straight away, and if you chose to just hang it on the wall, don’t underestimate the power it will hold once it has been manifested in the physical.The design or artwork will begin working it’s medicine on you and creating positive shifts in your reality, shifting out old blocks and working with you in the way it is meant to.

This means that if you are getting it tattooed, when the time aligns you can go even deeper into integrating the medicine it has to offer you.

Discussion on areas of the body it may ask to go is offered, and I keep an open door for you to get in touch after your session if anything arises.